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Top 10 immersive marketing trends that will grow your grinchy heart in 2023

 Top 10 immersive marketing trends that will grow your grinchy heart in 2023

As I write this article, I'm being attentive to Vince Guaraldi’s “A Charlie Brown Christmas” album, drinking a hot cup of my favorite matcha and basking within the glow of my tiny, tinsel tree lights reflective off my bay window. I even have such a lot to be grateful for this vacation season, and if you're reading this, therefore do you! 

Top 10 immersive marketing trends that will grow your grinchy heart in 2023

Besides the actual fact that those with access to the net are happier than 99% of the remainder of the world’s population, there are several different reasons to feel hopeful because of the twelve-month approach. No, really — there are. I’m here to assist your grinchy heart to grow 3 sizes today. 

So, within the spirit of the holidays, I even have crafted this — if not optimistic, then entertaining  — list of immersive selling trends to seem forward to in 2023. I would like is that this approach helps the United States of America enter the twelvemonth crammed with humor and feeling and not take ourselves too seriously. 

So, while not more ado, here’s your enumeration of the “Top ten reasons marketers is optimistic in 2023” à la David Letterman. (If you’re too young to recollect Letterman’s nightly prime ten list — here’s a good example on YouTube to induce you to hurry with United States of America's recent people.) 

10. higher B2B selling within the metaverse

If you have got followed my writing at all, you recognize I’m captivated with innovative B2B marketing and can’t sit up for us all to maneuver removed from protracted answer briefs and white papers that no one however we are reading. 

I feel 2022 ushered in an exceedingly new, wildcat era in B2B marketing that may mature throughout the future year. corporations will begin to higher perceive a way to leverage

immersive media to assist meet their business objectives while at the same time finding client pain points. I hope we have a tendency to see additional corporations clasp the 3 use cases printed in my recent article: 

  • Events.
  • Learning and education.
  • Networking. 

All are very important to reaching and influencing a B2B audience and currently we will scale our efforts exponentially by strategically mistreatment immersive technology.

9. No more mind-numbingly passive (and boring) virtual events

And speaking of events, I can’t wait to visualize marketers embracing really interactive and immersive platforms for or their virtual and hybrid events. If your event participant is anticipated to be sitting and looking at something from home, you’re doing one thing wrong. 

Ironically, I listened to a good webinar recently while walking my dog that printed one of my prime trends for 2023 — the requirement to maneuver our audiences from passive to active participants. 

So, the question you would like to raise yourself is: “How am I able to give my virtual event attendees things to try to to and ways to have interaction while giving them an additional of ‘choose your own adventure’ approach?” 

The extended reality, or XR, will do a good job of finding this problem. you'll learn additional ways to use XR for your events in 2023 and on the far side during this recent MarTech article.

8. stunning (but empty) virtual areas

2023 can still see a rise in new, metaverse-Esque, and artsy platforms that enable artists and 3D content creators to make their own worlds. a couple of samples of these sorts of spaces embody Monaverse, space, and cyber. 

several of those platforms boast an energetic community of virtual space dwellers. However, upon nearer inspection, most of the featured houses are destitute of real life. 

{one of|one among|one in an exceedinglyll|one amongst|one in every of} the smallest amount of fun issues to try to wander around a jaw-dropping, superbly designed virtual space on your own. And why do you have to once the key advantage of connected immersive areas is the ability to be gifted in a space with anyone from any place within the world?

7. Real-time, user-generated, 360-degree streaming video becomes a thing

The proliferation of 5G can facilitate fueling a rise in real-time, immersive video content streaming. So, prepare to observe your friend’s grandmother’s one centesimal birthday as it’s happening altogether in the glory of 360-degree streaming video — yay!

6. we have a tendency to not need to connect a crypto notecase to access blockchain-powered virtual worlds — hallelujah!

Anyone who has tried to explore the Associate in Nursing Ethereum-powered virtual world will perceive my pain on this one. It’s a serious headache to make and connect a crypto wallet to your virtual world account, which creates such a lot of friction that a lot of potential users bail

There are many different reasons we'll still see headlines like “After the hype, NFTs fall as speculators exit” as NFT-centered virtual areas pivot to do and lure users to stay around.

5. Brands stop forcing virtual world explorers to adopt gooselike avatars formed like paperclips and we have a tendency to treble wobbles — double hallelujah! 

Hopefully, 2023 is going to be the year that marketers awaken to the actual fact that, yes, avatars are important. Of course, they're — they are an illustration of ourselves. however we specific ourselves through avatars is deeply stock-still in our subconscious and ties into that disreputable reptilian brain that drives all our getting decisions. 

Forcing your audience to measure within the body of an icky avatar could be a stupid selling decision. And what you see as an acceptable Associate in nursing even a likable avatar is

presumably not suitable or maybe fascinating from your target audience’s perspective. making an attempt to create one thing that appears cool for the children is commonly the kiss of death. 

{a better|a far better|a much better|a higher|a stronger| an additional robust|an improved} approach is taking the chance to permit your community to bring their own avatar via integration with prepared Player American state or providing robust tools to allow them to customize it themselves.

4. No more stock images of somebody in an exceedingly head-mounted show — ever!

Yes, I’m taking a page from Joan Crawford’s book on this one. I hate, hate, hate this overused and nearly always fully moot image of someone in a VR telephone receiver. Spoiler alert — we have a tendency to won’t be walking around with a VR headset strapped to our faces in the future. 

we'll be finding an easier and more intuitive thanks to accessing immersive content while going regarding our daily lives. this might seem like eyewear or one thing we haven’t even notional yet.

3. Fewer epic metaverse selling fails (well, perhaps simply a couple of fewer)

Sigh. This one will sadden my heart a bit. Epic fails within the metaverse hurt the United States of America all, and it’s my sincere would like that maybe a number of my articles on marketing in the metaverse can facilitate stopping these sorts of mishaps.

A recent example, the EU’s $400K raid of the metaverse, was announced as a failure by several media outlets, together with a Yahoo Finance article stating that nearly no one

attended the web event. the massive price to develop the complete platform would be higher spent doing a little good within the world. I can’t say that I radically trouble that perspective however let me try to paint a silver lining. 

The event house was crafted by Journee, one of the simplest immersive agencies out there (thus the hefty worth tag). it absolutely was beautiful, simple to navigate, and had quite a little

bit of entertaining features. solely a couple of months before the EU’s event, I had attended an identical event designed by Journee, which was an enormous success, well-attended and far additional of a bellwether for the long run of events in virtual spaces. 

The EU might have created some missteps, however, what they need to learn from this project will hopefully fuel far better campaigns in the future. I tell my students all the time that marketers learn a lot additional from what others see as failures than we have a tendency to do from successes.

2. No people are too cool for college in 2023

Being a long student, I’m extraordinarily happy regarding this one. there'll be more valuable online immersive selling programs accessible to marketers and communicators wanting to make innovative and effective campaigns. 

You can examine a couple of the web instructional resources that exist these days in my article on changing into a metaverse selling maven. additionally to those I outline, new programs are being developed that are only centered on immersive communications and

strategy, like this freshly launched remote program from the University of Oregon’s faculty of Journalism and Communications. (Spoiler alert: I'm teaching during this program and couldn’t be additionally thrilled!)

1. nice news – those vapid, superficial, and perfect-looking influencers on Instagram aren’t real

That’s right. there'll be a rise in virtual influencers in 2023 as brands still love the thought of not having to contend with a true person’s demands and dangerous behaviors. i like the idea

that corporations will currently exploit AI-driven, virtual avatars that barefacedly wear and promote their products. Brands admire Prada, Diesel, Tommy Hilfiger, and even Chevrolet have leveraged fully made-up virtual influencers in outstanding campaigns. 

a desirable study conducted this year finished that a consumer’s relationship with a virtual media persona doesn’t disagree considerably from their response to influencers who are literally human. 

Duh! this can be what I’ve been preaching for years, who cares if your digital man is real or not — they meet a true would like and that’s what counts. Hopefully, this new era of virtual

influencers can facilitate taking away the stigma that also lingers with having a meaningful relationship only through digital technology, whether or not it's AI-driven or not. 

you'll learn additional about this trend at, a platform that tracks the activities of virtual influencers across the globe.

Bonus trend for 2023: Peace, joy, and love 

might more marketers awaken to the role they play in shaping a property digital universe wherever technology and nature not solely co-exist but thrive?

and since it’s the holidays, my gift to you, my beautiful reader, is this phenomenal bonus. My most sincere would like for 2023 is that marketers around the world awaken to the actual fact that we have a tendency to be accountable for making the globe that we are all hoping for. 

we have a tendency to all have to be compelled to become informed digital citizens, higher understanding of our relationship to technology, and advocate for the well-being, safety, and freedom of our audiences within the digital world. 

you'll learn additional and be a part of the American state during this mission by reading my declaration and attending my monthly XR for selling and Communications pothouse Crawl, which can resume within the new year. In the meantime, happy holidays to all or any, and to all a decent night!

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