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Why I'm Using a Virtual Private Server Hosting FAST WordPress Sites over the Most Popular

 Why I'm Using a Virtual Private Server Hosting FAST WordPress Sites over the Most Popular

A few weeks ago, I moved my two sites from a shared host to a virtual private server (VPS). While this was mostly an aesthetic decision – I wanted more control over my hosting environment and liked the idea of having my own physical server – I quickly realized that there are some definite performance advantages to be had by using a VPS host, especially if you’re running a WordPress site.

In this article, I want to talk about why I made the switch and share some of the results I’ve seen so far.

1. Why Shared and Reseller Hosting Might NOT Be Right for Your WordPress Websites

There was one thing about shared hosting that had been nagging me ever since I set it up, why did it take me so long to hear it? I could tell it was wrong because I just didn’t feel right when trying to set it up. Now that I have to access it normally, I got my answer. A VPS is simply better than shared hosting.

Why I'm Using a Virtual Private Server Hosting FAST WordPress Sites over the Most Popular

What shared hosting means is that all your sites are running on the same server. My hosting platform is really a hosting service provider capable of processing a large number of websites. Consider it as having a certain number of machines handling different applications.

When you want to set up a website, you can follow their convenient instruction to upgrade my application. That shared hosting is basically the solution which utilizes the method we’ve used for a long time in which you share a server with multiple websites.

Furthermore, you cannot do anything about a malfunction on the system. Most of the time they don’t allow you to do anything remotely because that would make the server unstable and dangerous, and they want to prevent you from that. So, separate your sites and let them handle their own.

So, if want to use a shared hosting, then I don't recommend you use a hosting service with 95% or more of its clients using shared hosting.

But if your business model is focused on small, medium or large business, you can think about this shared host.

2. Specific Websites Hosted on a Club Domains VPS Server

Common misconceptions about virtual private servers

There are some misconceptions about hosting your WordPress site on a virtual private server, and some people will be surprised to learn that WordPress sites aren't the best fit for them.

It's OK to get confused and not fully understand a hosting option, but to be honest, most of the time, shared hosting and virtual private server hosting is just about the same.

While they're both forms of cloud hosting, they both have different advantages – a shared web host usually offers many shared resources, which can give you benefits like having more disk space, better customer support, and more resources for running WordPress, such as memory, page handling, and processors.

A virtual private server is like RAM and processor in the cloud, and they're shared across multiple PS Servers (that's "virtual private servers").

Virtual private servers are great if you need more resources and are experiencing poor performance.

The pages that are loading are showing up quickly, and they can't be seen as a CPU hog, they're purely RAM bandits as your content loads up.

The full resources from a virtual private server are pooled together for those who need a lot of resources continuously.

Virtual private server is like having your own computer. Users connect to a virtual private server to use it like RAM and Processor currently are done if the server has enough physical memory and processing power.

3. What Achieves a high Speed for the Websites Hosted on a Club Domains VPS Hosting Service

So, these are the reasons why I have chosen a Club Domains Unbeatable Litespeed VPS Hosting Service for my websites.

I think that hosting stability is my number 1 concern, so I chose their Goggle service. It is less experienced than Club Domains Unbeatable Litespeed VPS Hosting Service, which does a great job of providing adequate control over my servers across multiple data centers. And I think (and tested) their 10/20 GB transfer

 "unlimited" email is really generous and provides pretty great value. While Club Domains Unbeatable Litespeed VPS Hosting Service started offering 50 GB email, I believe it's generally not accessible if you run a WordPress site. This can be a real killer, as this single resource is often the most abused during periods of

 traffic spikes. If the monthly capacity was something like 100 GB of email, and you used it on two sites, that would be the most of any game. I like that I am able to keep my migration scripts and servers isolated on a separate server, so that there is no potential for complications. Club Domains does offer a nice helpful website to walk us through the switch process, but I would prefer to have more control over it, especially considering how much time I spend on each site.

4. What Makes A CMS Hosting software (Blogger, WordPress, Drupal and more) Rentable and Typically What Shared Web Hosting Servers Feature

Historically, most web hosting plans come with WordPress as the software or leave the decision to the customer. This means that if you decide to host your honeypot with WordPress, you run the risk that it could be easily hacked.

Because the WordPress platform is majorly popular, it can be somewhat difficult to find a decent host that has WordPress preinstalled. This presents a major security issue.

However, with a CMS hosting, you can install your own CMS interface on top of your machine. Not only can this make your site more customizable, it also removes the risk of it getting hacked.

Because websites like WordPress heavily rely on plugins to add additional features and functionality, there is no way to easily secure plugins in most WordPress hosting. Something as simple as an automatic spam filter installed by the Site Lock plugin can easily get disabled and even removed by the hosting company.

This is sometimes called SQL injection. Due to the sheer variety of potential code that can be inserted in a line of text, it can be difficult to know whether a website you are visiting has been the victim of a hack.

However, there are a few WordPress hosting plans that use a separate name server so that nameservers entirely do not connect to one another. Hackers are unable to include domain names like * in their hack attempt.

5. - What I've Experienced with a VPS Server and Blog

For some time, I was searching for the best VPS host and a clear comparison of the many options in the WordPress community. The information I searched for included traditional VPS hosts, as well as Cloud VPS services, but my decision led me to the ultimate choice for the blog post that now you are reading.

To me, after using them for a few months now, I am very happy that I’ve chosen Captain Test. Com. These folks have a fantastic range of services, with everything having the side effect of being high-performance. Everything is optimized, from the web hosting to the load so you never have to experience a problem.

They guarantee 99.9% up-time, and a great set of tools including a guaranteed uptime-measurement terminal.

The guys in the Customer service department are always friendly and available, even at night and on the weekends.

But when you need help, the support is excellent. On several occasions I received a quick response to my questions, or a dual-tracked problem was solved with alacrity.

It's nice to feel confident that everything on your server is working properly 24/7, just like in the real world.

There are a lot of options when it comes to hosting a WordPress site. I’ve tried them all, and I’ve finally settled on a favorite: virtual private server (VPS) hosting.

There are a lot of reasons why I like VPS hosting for my WordPress sites. In this article, I’ll share the seven biggest benefits of using a VPS for WordPress.

1. Speed

One of the biggest benefits of using a VPS for WordPress is the speed. A VPS will give your WordPress site an immediate speed boost. This is because with a VPS, you get your own isolated server environment, which means you don’t have to share resources with other sites on the same server.

2. Security

Another big benefit of using a VPS for WordPress is security.